Agriculture & Agri-Food

Through the development and application of genomics innovation, we are increasing the resilience and sustainability in our food system, improving productivity and enhancing animal health and the safety of food products.

Harvesting Data? Big Data is Bringing Powerful Insights to the Agriculture Sector

Vast amounts of valuable data are generated in and by this sector, including information about weather patterns, soil quality, yields and desirable genetic traits of crops and animals. By collecting and analyzing this data with artificial intelligence, machine learning and bioinformatics, new insights are available to producers to make data-driven decisions, yielding benefits to the environment and the bottom-line.

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Genomics & Agriculture & Agri-Food

What's in the Video

The importance of genomics in the agriculture sector.
Why it’s crucial to have cutting-edge technologies such as genomics to help us increase production, reduce loss and improve sustainability.
What is genomics?
How genomics can help dairy producers.

Making Cutting-Edge Research Possible

Funding Opportunities

Genome Alberta offers a range of funding opportunities including support for genomics research in the agriculture and agri-food sector.

Project Portfolio

Our project portfolio comprises a diverse range of initiatives that are driving advances in genomics research and innovation across a variety of sectors, from human health to agriculture to energy and the environment.



Agriculture & Agri-Food

  • Climate adaptation
  • Increased production
  • Improving the sustainability of the sector
  • Genomics-informed breeding and selection
  • Enhancing the usability of sector waste through the application of genomic technologies

Read more about Sector Priorities in our Sector Strategy

Canada’s Genome Centres collaborated to produce a series of sector strategies focused on the future of genomics. Genomics is equipping agriculture with cutting-edge science and technology. It made sense for Genome Canada and the six regional centres to develop a strategic approach to drive growth, productivity, commercialization and global competitiveness.

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