Genomics is a revolutionary science that is at work to improve lives, transform sectors and grow our economy. Cost-savings, increased efficiencies, improved productivity and addressing challenges with targeted solutions are all good reasons to explore genomics solutions in diverse areas.

Genomic medicine is ready to revolutionize patient care. Through precision testing, diagnosis and treatments, all based on accurate and timely information from an individual’s unique genetic makeup, both the patient experience and healthcare systems improve. The potential impact of genomics on human health is profound. Our research is providing valuable insights, leading to a deeper understanding of human biology and new avenues for medical innovation.

Alberta is home to a thriving Agriculture sector that helps feed people around the world. Agricultural producers have long used innovation to address challenges from reducing crop losses to pests, to increasing production and ensuring sustainability. Cutting-edge technologies and large genomics datasets are putting better information back into the hands of producers to improve environmental performance and enhance sustainability in our food systems.

Alberta takes its role as an environmental steward seriously, looking to continually improve our environmental performance as part of the sustainable, low-carbon global economy. Genomics researchers are working closely with industry and government partners to monitor and protect fish and wildlife populations, find better reclamation and remediation solutions and reduce emissions and environmental risk from operations.

Alberta’s forest sector is future-focused. To ensure the long-term health, resilience and sustainability of our forest ecosystems, planning standards require an understanding of what the forest will be like up to 200 years from now. Genomics researchers are teaming up with industry to address climate adaptation, increase productivity through breeding and genomics-informed selection, monitor biodiversity and explore product innovation as part of the bioeconomy.

Innovation and technology commercialization are the tools for Alberta’s resilient economic future.

Genomics has advanced by leaps and bounds over the past 20 years, and along with advances in big data, artificial intelligence and bioinformatics, the potential of the large genomics datasets is now more affordable and accessible than ever. Alberta is home to world leading experts in both ‘omics disciplines and data sciences as well as ambitious and hardworking entrepreneurs and innovators. This combination uniquely positions genomics technology adoption to be part of establishing Alberta’s reputation as a globally-recognized technology and innovation centre.

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