GE3LS network in genomics and personalized health

PROJECT LEAD(S)/CO-LEAD(S) Christopher McCabe (University of Alberta) & Francois Rousseau (Universite Laval)
COMPETITION/ FUNDING OPPORTUNITY Genome Canada - Genomics and Personalized Health GE3LS Network
PROJECT START DATE January 1, 2016
PROJECT END DATE December 31, 2018

The GAPH Network brings together GE3LS (the Genomics and its ethical, environmental, economic, legal, and social aspects) components of the 17 projects funded through Genome Canada’s Genomics and Personalized Health programme (GAPH), with the objectives of: sharing best practices, improving and priming future collaborative research endeavours, accelerating the progress to market of GAPH technologies, and maximizing the impact of the GAPH investment. The GE3LS components are heterogenous in both topics and intensity, but approaches, methods and tools can be shared, creating potential synergies across projects, leading to improved GE3LS research outcomes and implementation of GAPH health innovations. The GAPH Network will pursue four work themes prioritized at an April 2015 planning workshop: (1) Research Ethics Review, (2) Health Economics and Health Technology Assessment, and (3) Knowledge Transfer and Implementation in Health Systems and (4) Intellectual Property and Commercialization. These will be achieved through interviews and surveys with key informants, analysis of literature and best practices, stakeholder workshops, summary reports, best practice guidelines, legal briefs, and training. The proposed Network of GAPH Projects will enable synergistic interactions and sharing of expertise, methods, and tools that will lead to improved outcomes and impacts on the health of Canadians.

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