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Genomics and Agri-Food Sector Strategy (Livestock) Workshop

Genomics is helping a a range of Canadian industries develop new tools to increase efficiency, safety, and sustainability. Energy, mining, forestry, fisheries, and health are all benefiting from the science and technology - and of course agriculture and the agri-food sector.
Our better understanding of the function and structure of crop and livestock genomics has expanded our ability to make the most of new opportunities and to address societal challenges.

The agri-food sector has embraced genomics research, development, and implementation but to ensure efficient use of limited research dollars we need to have a sound strategy. In 2013 Genome Canada and the six Genome Centres developed an Agri-Food strategy and we are updating that strategy to ensure we incorporate the latest science, policy, and societal attitudes.
As part of this national effort, a one-day workshop featuring presentations from distinguished scientists and industry leaders, complemented by facilitated discussions, was held in Calgary on August 15, 2017.
This is only one of many workshops being held across the country so the process is not over yet. You can download the Genomics and Agri-Food Sector Strategy (Livestock) Workshop Report here and send any comments you may have to info@genomealberta.ca

Workshop Report

Genomics and Agri-Food Sector Strategy (Livestock) Workshop

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