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WATCH: 360 Tour of University of Alberta's MBSU Lab

First though, some introductory notes.
Affordable 360 degree cameras are still relatively new and in this video freelance broadcaster Don Hill has combined video and still images to give you the best lab panorama. Incorporating 360 productions into the average web site can be a bit tricky in order for it to work across platforms and browsers, but we have found that it works the best in Chrome when it comes to desk top browsers. It performs well with the new Vivaldi browser, Firefox seems to stutter a few times but overall gets the job done, and if you happen to be using the Microsoft Edge browser you will encounters problems so it is not recommended right now. Left click your mouse or track pad then drag the cursor or your finger up or down or side-to-side on the screen.
Watching it on your iOS or Android device is a treat if you watch it using the YouTube app. I sat on my office swivel chair, held my Android phone horizontally in front of me, and twirled the chair around to see a complete panorama of the lab. No need to use the devices touchscreen as you do in a browser - just move the phone. The embedded video below works on the above mentioned browsers but on your cell phone the YouTube app is the best bet. The Opera browser will automatically open it in YouTube and you get the full effect. Chrome for phones seems to have problems giving you the 360 degree experience but I hope to fix that.
If you have problems try the direct YouTube link or search on YouTube for "lab 360 tour MBSU".

With that in mind  - here we go.

The Molecular Biology Service Unit or MBSU is located at the University of Alberta and provides a central support and training lab for the Department of Biological Sciences. Mountain pine beetle researcher Janice Cooke first pointed the facility out to me and the MBSU handles much of the lab work for her TRIA research.
We used a Ricoh 360 camera for this and we've posted it here so you can take your own lab tour anytime you want.


WATCH: 360 Tour of University of Alberta's MBSU Lab

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