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Using Genomics to Build a Greener Future for Coal

There is a lot of coal left in the world and as an industry it still employs 7 million people. As an energy source however, coal is being phased out in Alberta and in many other countries that are looking for cleaner alternatives.

Bruce Peachey is President of New Paradigm Engineering and he sees things a little differently and believes there a real future for coal if the right technology is applied.

As attendees at the recent BCN - AI Conference in Edmonton heard, that technology incorporates genomics to reduce waste and emissions, and reduce the surface impact of coal mining.

He was one of the speakers at the conference and told the audience that coal has a place in satisfying the need for energy - especially in Third Word countries that cannot afford or don't have access to alternative means of power production.

All it takes is new ways of looking at things and the willingness to even consider a greener future for coal.

Bruce is a chemical engineer, and by working with a multi-disciplinary team has been researching technology that can turn coal mines into bioreactors to generate methane as a fuel source.

In another of our stories from the BCN Conference, freelance broadcaster Don Hill talked to Bruce Peachey about the technology and why it is so important to think about 'green' coal.

You can also view his presentation courtesy of Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions and the conference organizers.

Using Genomics to Build a Greener Future for Coal

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