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Top 3 stories of 2015 for Canada's Genomics Community

Another year has come and gone, and as we head into 2016 our podcast feature looks back at the stories that influenced Canada's genomics community in 2015 and ventures a quick peek into what lies ahead.

The Trans Pacific Partnership might not immediately come to mind as one of the top 'omics stories of 2015 but how biotechnology is regulated and reviewed under the agreement will certainly have an effect on the trade and economics of goods that use biotechnology somewhere in the supply chain.

That agreement along with one of the new tools of the biotechnology trade made our top 3 which, thanks to a little artistic and scientific license, is actually the top 4.

Here is freelance broadcaster Don Hill with our look at some of the stories that affected Canada's Genomics Enterprise in the past year and the year that lies ahead.

In this podcast you heard from Andrew MacMillan is a Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Alberta, David Wishart director of the Nano Life Science program at the NRC’s National Institute for Nanotechnology and directs the Metabolomics Innovation Centre, and Ellen Goddard is an Agricultural Economist at the University of Alberta.

Top 3 stories of 2015 for Canada's Genomics Community

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