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Lyonbiopole comes home to Philadelphia

Florence Agostino-EtchettoThe Rhone-Alpes region in France is home to a major biotech cluster and has also been twinned with the city of Philadelphia for a number of years, so it is somewhat fitting that Philadelphia is hosting BIO on the 10th anniversary of Lyonbiopole.

Like many biotech hubs around the world Lyonbiopole is home to well established companies and smaller start-ups looking for the mentorship and facilities that such an environment can offer. The Lyon region is one of the world's major life science centres and the biodistrict has become the world's leading producer of vaccines. The region boast 60,000 jobs in health and biotechnology which goes a long way to diversifying the French economy - a goal for jurisdictions around the world.

Florence Agostino-Etchetto joined Lyonbiopole as Innovation Director in 2012 and is now its Director General. She joined me in the BIOBuzz area to talk about some of the latest developments for the biocluster and some of the changes it has seen over a decade.

Lyonbiopole comes home to Philadelphia

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