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LISTEN: 30 Years of Biotech takes the stage at BIO 2016

Chernobyl. Challenger. Two tragedies of 1986. On the more upbeat side a new Hepatitis vaccine entered the health care system and for $1,500 or so you could pick up the latest Tandy 'portable' computer.

Meanwhile the biotech industry was making some important new advances and we were getting some indications of what might be possible.

One of the panels at BIO this year was a look at what has transpired over 30 years of biotechnology and of course where it is headed next.

The panel included 3 veterans of the industry: David Barker is Board Chair at Integrated Diagnostics, Erik Holmlin is President and CEO of BioNano Genomics, and James Blair is a Partner at Domain Associates.

The 3 of them had just arrived in San Francisco and their panel wasn't up until after our interview so this was a bit of a dry run for them and for me, because I had not heard them speak yet and had not been able to speak to them in advance..

Nevertheless we had a good long conversation that I hope you'll find interesting.

LISTEN: 30 Years of Biotech takes the stage at BIO 2016

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