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Invitation to Participate in a Consultation: Genome Canada’s Integrated GE3LS Research Review

Genome Canada has conducted a review of its integrated GE3LS research program and is now seeking input regarding its findings and recommendations.

Acknowledged as a world leader in the field of GE3LS research, Genome Canada initiated a review of the effectiveness of the integrated GE3LS research program in November 2017, to ensure it continues to support innovative research to foster the responsible and effective development and uptake of genomic-based applications.

The Review, overseen by a multidisciplinary Expert Panel, sought to inform best practices for integrated GE3LS research through four recommendations, one of which stated in part:

"Genome Canada [should] undertake a comprehensive consultation with the research community, Genome Centres and other stakeholders on the findings and recommendations of the Expert Panel."

We invite you to participate in our consultations and share your opinions on the findings of the Review and the recommendations of the Expert Panel.

You may participate in two ways:

1. Fill out the online survey, rating your level of agreement with the main findings and recommendations.
2. Participate in a one hour online discussion, in which participants will have the opportunity to provide feedback on specific findings and/or recommendations. Participation is a on a first-come, first-served basis.
     English Discussion
    Oct.12, 2018 2:00pm Eastern 
     Registration link
     English Discussion
    Oct.17, 2018 2:00pm Eastern
     Registration link
     French Discussion
    Oct.19, 2018 11:00am Eastern
     Registration link
     English Discussion
    Oct.22, 2018  1:00pm Eastern
     Registration Link

    Feedback from the consultations will be brought to Genome Canada’s Board of Directors in December 2018, at which time decisions on the recommendations will be made.

    Your time and cooperation will be invaluable to ensure the success of this important evaluation.

    If you have questions regarding this consultation, please contact Jillian McGivern at jmcgivern@genomecanada.ca.

    Invitation to Participate in a Consultation: Genome Canada’s Integrated GE3LS Research Review

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