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Getting to Know Your Body - the Metabolomic Way

It all started with basic metabolomics research led by Dr. David Wishart at the University of Alberta. Wishart's work has become known worldwide and led to the establishment of The Metabolomics Innovation Centre in Edmonton.

Now that basic research is being spun-off into the commercial space through companies like OMx Personal Health Analytics which works closely with TMIC. The company's promise to help "know your body" is part of the growing desire by people to make better decisions about their health by having more accurate information about what is going on inside their bodies.
With a test that measures more than 120 metabolomic indicators OMx has made it possible to really get to know how your body is functioning.

Freelance broadcaster and journalist Don Hill visited OMx and talked about the disruptive science of metabolomics with Michael Wilson, one of the company's founders.

Give it a listen and let us know what you think about a more personal approach to our health and health care.

Getting to Know Your Body - the Metabolomic Way

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