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Genomics 2016: A year on our blogs - Genome Alberta


As 2016 comes to an end, it is time once again to review our blog posts for the past year. I have not selected a ‘top post’ for each month; rather, I chose highlights to illustrate the variety of science topics we at Genome Alberta explored. One exciting thing you may have noticed this year is the new look of our website and blogs. We redesigned our platform to make these pages equally accessible on smartphones, tablets and desktops. We hope you enjoy the reading experience with the new colours and modern look.

This year I was pleased that two of the books reviewed and recommended became ‘must read’ books on various end-of-year lists advocated by scientists, educators and media. We continued to showcase our young scientists’ achievements in science fairs, Biogenius, Science Odyssey and other competitions, while we also interviewed and featured established and award winning scientists.

We examined current news headlines from the Zika outbreak to the role of livestock methane emissions and greenhouse gases. We kept you informed of issues in science education and advised you on Alberta Education’s curriculum review process. We gave you access to videos and audio blogs, allowing you to hear firsthand from politicians and policy makers.

I shared my experiences from the MOOCs ‘Cancer in the 21st Century’ and ‘E-Learning for Health’. I also had the opportunity to seek science in Rome and Amsterdam this year. Freelance broadcaster Don Hill shared several very informative podcasts with us and Mike Spear produced a fabulous collection of interviews on his BIORadio podcasts.

As you re-experience our blogs from this past year.et us know your favourites or tell us what you think of our new look.

Once again I used Prezi to illustrate one blog post from each month in 2016. Prezi is a tool “that helps you organize and share your ideas”. Here are some hints if you have not used Prezi before:
  • click your way through using the forward and back buttons on the bottom; or
  • choose ‘autoplay’ from the ‘more’ menu on the lower right; or
  • explore ‘freeform’ using your mouse as you might in Google maps.
We will continue to keep you informed through 2017 about the promise and the power of genomics, STEM education and other science related topics. Follow the latest happenings through our blogs and on our Twitter streams (@GenomeAlberta, @gwardis, @MikesGene,).


Happy New Year!

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Genomics 2016: A year on our blogs - Genome Alberta

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