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Genomics 2015: A year on our blogs - Genome Alberta

Image of overview of Genome Alberta - Genomics 2015 Prezi2015 will soon be over. To refresh my memory, I reviewed our blog posts for the past year; and, as has been my tradition since 2010, I linked my highlights in Prezi to illustrate the many science topics we explored. I noticed a number of our blogs that prepared us for DNA Day, our major annual celebration. We also presented videos and audio blogs, and we talked to politicians, policy makers and scientists.

We added 5 more book reviews this year, bringing the total to 31 reviews of great science books on Genome Alberta. We constantly receive email offers for free books to review, but each book that we review is one that has been independently found, purchased and objectively reviewed.

I participated in a 6-week MOOC presented by the University of Bath on how genes influence cancer development. I also had the opportunity to seek science in Verona and Bologna this year while Mike was on BIORadio at Bio2015 in Philidalphia interviewing a number of significant attendees.

It was very hard for me to choose just one significant blog per month. You can revisit all of our blog entries on our site by selecting Blogs > Archive. You can then let me know your favourites from the past year.

Once again I used Prezi to illustrate one blog post from each month in 2015. Prezi is a tool “that helps you organize and share your ideas”. Here are some hints if you have not used Prezi before:

  • click your way through using the forward and back buttons on the bottom; or
  • choose ‘autoplay’ from the ‘more’ menu on the lower right; or
  • explore ‘freeform’ using your mouse as you might in Google maps.
We will continue to keep you informed through 2016 about the promise and the power of genomics. Follow the latest happenings through our blogs, our GenOmics News, and on Twitter streams (@MikesGene, @gwardis, @GenomeAlberta).

Happy New Year!


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Genomics 2015: A year on our blogs - Genome Alberta

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