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Data power to improve patient care

Personalized medicine and health care are a common topic of conversation at BIO in Boston this year. New ways to make personalized medicine a reality, harnessing the power of genomics for personal treatment regimes, and of course big data to help deliver on the big promise of personalized health care.

One of the Canadian initiatives is being driven by Roche Canada which is creating some unique public-private partnerships to organize, link, and unlock rich sources of health data to aid in the development of new therapeutic discoveries (and cures) and transform clinical practice. The network wants to realize the potential of precision medicine by bringing together genomic data, real-world evidence from patients, and 40 years of clinical trial data.

Mike Duong is Director of Evidence Generation of Roche Canada and he is at the BIO Convention and Exhibition in Boston to talk with potential partners with expertise in artificial intelligence, big data analytics, blockchain, and high performance cloud computing who can apply their experience to health care.

Data power to improve patient care

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