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Bioenterprise Corporation Forms Collaborative Partnership with Genome Alberta

Bioenterprise Corporation, a national, non-profit agri-technology business accelerator has signed of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Genome Alberta, a publicly funded not-for-profit corporation that initiates, funds, and manages genomics research and partnerships.

Genomics plays a significant role in the advancement of agricultural technologies and creating a sustainable future for the sector. The collaboration between these two organizations will facilitate knowledge exchange and create synergies to commercialize technologies and genomic applications within agriculture, bio-products, and environmental technologies.

A key element of Bioenterprise’s impact in agri-tech is formalizing collaborations such as the MOU with Genome Alberta. By building strong working alliances with other organizations, Bioenterprise can foster increased access to strategic networks and resources as well as Bioenterprise’s commercialization services, further supporting agri-tech companies to advance to market.

As a national organization headquartered in Ontario, Bioenterprise has expanded its on-the-ground presence across the country into British Columbia and the Maritimes. Building partnerships helps support the commercialization of agri-technologies and foster the development of economic and commercial growth in Canada.

Form collaborations that foster success and join Bioenterprise to create a strategic partnership that encourages the promotion of each organization, sharing of resources and specialized expertise, access to local networks and event collaboration.

For more information on Bioenterprise:
E: info@bioenterprise.ca
P: 1.866.464.4524

Bioenterprise Corporation Forms Collaborative Partnership with Genome Alberta

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