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2021 ABIC Speaker Series - Dr. Jennifer Doudna

September 21, 2021
The ABIC Speaker Series serves as a platform to promote science as a powerful tool to alleviate poverty and food insecurity and includes a business education angle. The ABIC Speaker Series features experts from around the world with a passion for solving global challenges using science and technology, to inspire and teach entrepreneurs and the public.
The September event features Dr. Jennifer Doudna, Biochemist at UC Berkeley, Founder of the Innovative Genomics Institute, and co-inventor of CRISPR technology.

In addition to her scientific achievements, Doudna is also a leader in public discussion of the ethical implications of genome editing for human biology and societies, and advocates for thoughtful approaches to the development of policies around the safe use of CRISPR technology
When: September 21, 2021
Where: Online