Who We Are

We’re working towards a better future through genomics innovation.


  • An economic and social impact organization at the forefront of enhancing Alberta’s future through research and innovation.
  • An upstream innovation catalyst that helps fill the pipeline of Alberta’s innovation ecosystem with valuable genomics-based opportunities.
  • A convener, connector and catalyst that unities academia, government and industry to find genomics-based solutions for Alberta’s greatest challenges and opportunities.

Our Mission

  • To promote and support genomics solutions for end-users’ needs to create value and investment opportunities through excellent science, technology and application development, collaborations and partnerships.

Our Vision

  • To inspire and catalyze genomics solutions that benefit Albertans and the world.

We understand how genomics change our world for the better and enthusiastically pursue and celebrate that impact.

We actively seek out new challenges, new partnerships and new perspectives in pursuit of solutions that matter for all Albertans.

We act with intent and consideration.

Our projects are driven by real-world needs, in all their complexity. We work across sectors and research disciplines to create the genomics solutions Alberta – and the world – needs.

The Power and Promise of Genomics

Genomics innovation holds its place as one of the fastest-developing technologies driving the Fourth Industrial Revolution or the Bio Revolution. Advanced biosciences and biotechnology are transforming and improving lives in Alberta and around the world.


Innovations arising from Alberta-led projects


Total Genome Alberta-enabled portfolio

Our Strategic Pillars

Funding Support

Providing researchers and post-secondary institutions with dedicated assistance in developing large-scale funding applications that will result in more federal funds flowing into Alberta.

Strategic Programming

End-user driven initiatives focused on developing commercially viable technologies in partnership with federal government agencies and provincial for-profit industries in applied and translational research areas of critical importance to Alberta, such as big data analytics, bio manufacturing, crops and livestock.

Innovation and Application

Working closely with key players from the full innovation spectrum to expand the application of genomics research by identifying key stakeholder priorities, areas of focus, emerging opportunities, and ultimately the needs of the end-user.

Talent Development

Focusing on talent development, working with post-secondary institutions and federal training programs to attract talent and resources into Alberta.

Commercialization and the Economy

Driving commercialization and the economy, we will work collaboratively with other key organizations within Alberta’s innovation ecosystem to ensure the innovations created in the lab can translate into real economic development outcomes for the province.

Societal Impact and Communication

Expanding impact and reach to clearly articulate to key stakeholders the role that genomics plays in ensuring a sustainable future.

A staircase winds its way down to a riverbank surrounded by trees and mountains.

Our Story

Genome Canada was created in 2000 to build international leadership in genomics and other ‘omics research for Canada. Together with (then) Industry Canada, they recognized the revolutionary genomics research potential across the country, and established five distinct Regional Genome Centres (Atlantic Canada, Quebec, Ontario, the Prairies, and BC) to develop specific Life Sciences research platforms and address and support regional priorities as part of the National Strategy.

In 2005, at the request of the Alberta Government, Genome Alberta was created to advance our provincial priorities through genomics solutions. Alberta continues to be a great place for innovators, entrepreneurs and investors. We are home to top ranking universities and polytechnics with world-leading experts in genomics fields. Our economic prosperity requires us to continually build our reputation as leaders in environmental responsibility, positive social change, and adapting to changes in the global marketplace.

With offices in Calgary and Edmonton, Genome Alberta initiates, funds and manages projects around the province and participates in a variety of other initiatives across the country. The discoveries arising from Genome Alberta research programs are realized through partnerships with provincial academic institutions, industry, government agencies and departments, and other regional, national and international organizations. We are working with you to advance innovation together.

Priority Areas

Genome Alberta will focus its efforts on the enhancement of strategic priority areas:

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