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At Genome Alberta, our people are our strength. We are a team of dedicated individuals committed to advancing research and innovation in genomics for the betterment of all Albertans. Our collective efforts aim to create a healthier and more prosperous future for our province.

Headshot of David Bailey, President and CEO of Genome Alberta

David Bailey

President and CEO
(403) 210-5290
David is a passionate and devoted leader. With a background in genetics and animal breeding and over 60 peer-reviewed publications in the field, David has built Genome Alberta into a vibrant organization, ensuring strong collaboration as the basis for our success. David is highly recognized in the genomics community with awards for excellence in research and transferring research into commercialization. Outside of work, David loves spending time on his farm and raising and showing horses.
Headshot of Genome Alberta Chief Scientific Officer, Gijs van Rooijen

Gijs van Rooijen

Chief Scientific Officer
(403) 210-5253
Gijs obtained a Ph.D. degree from the University of Calgary in 1993 and in 2006 he became the inaugural Chief Scientific Officer for Genome Alberta. He is an inventor on several U.S. patents and currently serves on several science advisory boards. In September 2017, he was elected to the University of Calgary Senate and is engaged in several volunteer activities, including mentoring students that are considering a career in science. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking and traveling across Europe.
Headshot of Matt Bryman, Genome Alberta Director Programs

Matt Bryman

Director of Programs
(780) 905-5229
Matt is a charismatic, knowledgeable thought leader who completed his MSc in plant physiology at the University of Alberta. Prior to leading teams and overseeing Genome Alberta’s funded initiatives, Matt honed his management and leadership skills at the U of A where he was pivotal to the success of a large-scale forestry/genomics project. He loves playing and watching soccer and spending time with his family, cats and dog.
Headshot of Erin Tessier, a member of Genome Alberta team

Erin Tessier

Director of Communications and Partnerships
(587) 643-9973
Erin is a down-to-earth connector of people and ideas. With over 15 years of experience in the public service in several natural resource departments, she loves the challenge of working in the space where science meets policy and finding innovative ways to share scientific data and information so it can be used for positive change. Outside of work, Erin loves to pursue outdoor adventures, either on foot or on her bike, and loves to experiment with food in the kitchen with her kids.
Headshot of Megan Allen, a member of the Genome Alberta team

Megan Allen

(403) 210-5257
Megan effectively manages all financial matters across our organization. She has over 23 years of experience in financial management and leadership, is a CPA, and has prior experience as a Corporate Controller across the transportation and energy industries. The last 13 years of her career path inspired her to work with research-focused organizations. Megan most recently worked with WestGrid, STARS, and the University of Calgary, where she managed operational units with budgets of up to $60M.
Headshot of Mitthua Sarkar-Banks Genome Alberta Human Resources Manager and Executive Assistant

Mitthua Sarkar-Banks

Human Resources/External Talent Portfolio Manager
(403) 210-5275
Mitthua is a cheerful, devoted professional with extensive experience in human resources management. Mitthua holds a Paralegal Diploma and worked in law for 15 years in some of Calgary and Vancouver’s largest firms. She is currently obtaining her HR Management Certificate at the University of Calgary as she works toward her CPHR designation. Together with HR, she also manages our external talent portfolio. If Mitthua is away from her office, you will find her at home with her family and rescue dogs.
Headshot of Vanessa Carias, a member of Genome Alberta's team

Vanessa Carias

Senior Manager, Research Portfolio
(780) 220-4334
Vanessa is a hardworking, compassionate advocate for science with a Ph.D. in Medical Genetics obtained from the University of Alberta. Her expertise lies within rare genetic disease research and her passion for bettering the world through genomic solutions positively impacts the funded initiatives and projects at our organization. Her passion for science extends to making a difference through her various volunteering efforts and her podcast, The Science Brief.
Headshot of Olaide Ogunseye, a member of the Genome Alberta team.

Olaide Ogunseye

Senior Accountant
(587) 284-1291
Olaide is a vibrant, driven accounting professional. With strong experience in handling financial information and a passion for process efficiency, Olaide is committed to simplifying the experiences of everyday users, which she accomplishes by organizing quantitative data. Olaide is currently working towards her CPA designation. Outside of work, she never passes up on the opportunity for a good day of shopping or spending time with her loved ones.
Headshot of Georgia Balsevich, Genome Alberta Manager Project Development

Georgia Balsevich

Manager, Project Development
Georgia is a curious, driven individual. With a BSc in Biochemistry from U of S, a MSc in Neuroscience from UBC, a Ph.D. in Biology from MPI of Psychiatry, and a post doc from U of C, Georgia is fascinated by understanding gene x environment interactions underlying disease susceptibility. Georgia shares her knowledge with those around her, helping others see the value of genomic solutions and why more funding is needed towards these efforts.
Headshot of Athena Cochinamogulos, a member of the Genome Alberta team

Athena Cochinamogulos

Program Officer
(403) 210-5269
Athena is a bright and cheery contributor to the management and reporting of funded projects across our organization. Her education in health and infectious diseases and career experiences in rural villages of Ghana and the Dominican Republic, federal health departments of Virginia, United States, and Canadian non-profits have equipped her to perform program development and management tasks with efficiency.
Headshot of Tom Finn, a member of the Genome Alberta team

Tom Finn

Senior Program Officer
Tom is a thoughtful and dedicated team player with a Ph.D. in Evolutionary Genetics and two post docs in the field of antimicrobial resistance. He is intrigued by getting to the root of problems and enjoys maximizing the competitiveness of a diverse range of genomics-based proposals, in order to develop meaningful solutions to today’s challenges. Tom likes snowboarding in the winter and hiking in the summer.
Tian Zhao

Tian Zhao

Program Officer
Tian is a collaborative and creative problem solver with an MSc in Medical Genetics and Genomics from the University of Glasgow and a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of Calgary. He is passionate about genetics and genomics, eager to share the latest advancements with broad audiences. He is dedicated to translating genomic technology into practical solutions that benefit everyone. Outside of work, Tian indulges his love for cooking and making pottery

Meet Our Board of Directors

With solid leadership and a proactive strategic direction, our Board of Directors is helping to ensure we achieve our goal to promote and advance genomics research in Alberta and beyond.

Make a big impact with us. You’ll work collaboratively in a diverse and supportive environment to improve lives and strengthen our province through genomics research and innovation.

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