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International Sustainable Agri-Food Forum coming to Edmonton Next Week

"Buy land, they're not making it anymore" said Mark Twain. What wasn't as obvious at the time was that huge urban centres and 21st century development would use up a lot of land that we had counted on to grow crops, maintain orchards, raise cattle, and sustain forests. With the world's population expected to hit almost 11 billion by 2050 there is no question that our shrinking supply of agricultural land will make it difficult to feed more people. This problem isn't about organic vs GMO or vegetarian vs meat though that debate certainly factors into the challenge. It is all about the very basic question of feeding more people with less arable land, increasing input and transportation costs, non-food uses of ag products, emerging economies, and global supply chains.

On October 15th Genome Alberta will be hosting a special forum on sustainable agri-food production that will seek to tackle that seemingly insurmountable challenge.

This forum has become an a annual transatlantic event managed by representatives from Canada, the U.S., Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, and the U.K.

Image for International Sustainable Agri-Food Forum coming to Edmonton Next Week blogThe organizers and speakers represent diverse agri-food scientific disciplines, who come together to create an effective platform for senior scientists, administrators, funders and private sector stakeholders to better identify and understand regional priorities, key shared challenges and threats to the agri-food sector. The aim of the meeting is to identify the science required to deliver defined, tangible and practical outcomes of genuine benefit to regional farming communities, food producers and consumers.

We would like you to attend.

Food producers, researchers, industry representatives, and consumers should all be concerned about a sustainable food supply so we want to hear different points of view and ideas to ensure we are tackling the right science areas.

There is no charge for the event but there is limited space so we ask that you send a note to info@genomealberta.ca and tell us why you would like to join us on October 15th and 16th in Edmonton.

Here is the agenda and the full program for our meeting. We hope you will find the time to attend and have a good, upfront discussion about what it takes to deliver a healthy diet to a hungry world.

International Sustainable Agri-Food Forum coming to Edmonton Next Week

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