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The human genome belongs to you

Gene editing is a technology which makes it possible for DNA to be inserted, deleted, modified, or replaced in the genome of a living organism. It’s promise lies in the ability to ‘fix’ a gene responsible for potentially debilitating or fatal diseases. It also brings with it significant ethical challenges which will ultimately affect us all.

Françoise Baylis is a University Research Professor at Dalhousie University and the author of Altered Inheritance: CRISPR and the Ethics of Human Genome Editing. She argues that the human genome belongs to us all and there needs to be a broad discussion on how we put new gene editing technology to work.
I talked with her about these ethical implications, and despite some static interference on the phone line, we had a good discussion.
So ignore the static pops and listen to where our genome may be heading.

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The human genome belongs to you

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