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TasteTECH pairs well with Tasteology

Anita Truong is a Master of Biomedical Technology graduate at the University of Calgary. She is currently an intern with Genome Alberta for the summer and one of her assignments is to profile some of the participants involved in our #TasteTECH event.

The Alberta craft beer industry is constantly growing, with the public being highly receptive to drinking beer that is environmentally and economically sustainable. Several breweries will be introduced at TasteOlogy, a part of our TasteTECH reception, to support local craft beer and help to foster collaborations within the community.

Red Shed Malting is the only business in Canada with a malt roaster, allowing them to produce specialty malts ranging from light to dark malts. They obtain their barley from the family farm (Hamill Farms), which is malted and brewed all within Alberta. The barley undergoes crop rotation, breaking down disease cycles in the soil, resulting in a healthier environment. Synergy between Red Shed Malting and Belly Hop Brewery inspired the 2 businesses to collaborate on a pale ale for TasteTECH.

By brewing within Alberta, Belly Hop minimizes the environmental impact as there is less transportation of products. Matt Friesen, founder of Belly Hop, says that the less transportation, the less of a disconnection between brewers and consumers. He wants to create products that are honest, transparent and sustainable for the community. Belly Hop Brewery also avoids the use of electricity and opts for natural gas to reduce the carbon footprint from their heating process.

Last Best Brewing is another local company in the craft beer industry, serving as a restaurant as well. They have been brewing beer for over 5 years and have recently packaged their products to be sold at local liquor stores. They are strong supporters of the Alberta agriculture industry, using barley and other sugar sources such as sugar beets and carrots grown in Alberta.

 Tool Shed Brewery was founded by Jeff and Graham, who had a mutual passion for craft beer production. They met working in information technology in Afghanistan and during their spare time, started to make beer in their backyard. Similar to other breweries at TasteTECH, they use locally sourced ingredients found within 100km of their facility. Soon, Tool Shed Brewery plans to implement a carbon dioxide reclamation system to minimize carbon dioxide emissions for environmental sustainability.

 At Fallen Timber Meadery, one of Canada’s largest meaderies, they wanted to introduce a more sustainable way of using honey. Instead of selling raw honey, they turned it into mead through fermenting it. They set up hives in the far west of Alberta, so that the bees do not encounter crops. This avoids pesticide and herbicide contamination, allowing the bees to live a healthier lifestyle. Along with their honey, the fruits used by Fallen Timber are also locally sourced, supporting the Canadian economy.

Olds College Brewery is one of Alberta’s non-profit brewery program, supporting the craft beer industry through providing education and experience in beer production. Students in the program get the opportunity to learn how to make beer, as well as design their own recipe which is sampled and purchased by the public. To minimize their environmental impact and reduce water consumption, Olds College uses water from the Red Deer River and hopes to connect their brewery to the wetlands to recycle the water. Their spent grain is supplied to neighbouring farmers who use it to grow mushrooms, further contributing to sustainability.

Register for TasteTECH at http://bit.ly/2vGABSk

TasteTECH pairs well with Tasteology

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