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DNA Day in Canada noted in the Alberta Legislature

Today - April 29th - is DNA Day in Canada. The day is organized by us here at Genome Alberta and our partner in the initiative, Let's Talk Science.
We have a few activities planned including a day of live chats with Canadian experts in the field of genetics, a Google Hangout with science writer and boradcaster Jay Ingram, and we ave a host of videos to answer questions we received over the last few weeks. You can find it all at http://LetsTalkDNA.ca

To help recognize the day we also received a boost from the Alberta Legislature on April 22nd when MLA Linda Johnson (PC Calgary-Glenmore) read a statement in the Legislature.
We'd like to thank Ms. Johnson for her support. Here's her statement as noted in Hansard:

Genetics Research
Ms L. Johnson
: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. April 29 is the
anniversary of one of the most important discoveries in the field of
genetics, and an Alberta organization has been taking the lead in
making it a day worth noting. In April 1953 it was determined that
the double helix structure of DNA is the basic building block of
what makes us who we are. Because of genetics ranchers can now
do a simple test to gain insight into the genetic makeup of their
livestock to help raise quality Alberta beef and to ensure the best
dairy cows. In plants it is genetics that allows crops to thrive in
Alberta’s climate. With careful genetic selection and testing
Alberta researchers have helped the canola and flax industry be
more competitive.
Here in Alberta we are proud to have an outstanding industry
leader. Genome Alberta was created in 2006 as a joint initiative by
the government of Alberta and Genome Canada. It has led many
successful research efforts and is a leader in Alberta’s
contributions to the field of genetics. On April 29 Genome Alberta
along with the Let’s Talk Science organization will mark DNA
Day with its fourth annual day of online activities. Experts in the
field of genetics have recorded videos answering questions, all to
be released on that day. Also, there will be digital chat rooms with
experts and a Google Hangout with Jay Ingram, a well-known
science broadcaster based in Alberta.
Mr. Speaker, since the double helix was discovered 61 years
ago, the world has made significant progress in understanding
genetics. The work that Genome Alberta is doing ensures that our
province is at the forefront of international human research and
innovation. Major research in the energy sector is also under way
to help industry deal with corrosion issues and clean up tailings
An important day in the world of science is occurring on April
29, Mr. Speaker. I encourage all members along with all Albertans
to recognize this day by going to letstalkdna.ca.
Thank you, Mr. Speaker.

DNA Day in Canada noted in the Alberta Legislature

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