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DeepWater Farms closes the loop on aquaponics

Anita Truong is a Master of Biomedical Technology graduate at the University of Calgary. She is currently an intern with Genome Alberta for the summer and one of her assignments is to profile some of the participants involved in our #TasteTECH event .

Aquaponics is the combination of aquaculture, the farming of fish, and hydroponics which is the method of growing plants in water instead of soil. By mixing the two processes, the team at DeepWater Farms raise seabass (barramundi) and use their waste as a fertilizer for growing kale, arugula and a variety of other leafy greens which will be available at our TasteTECH reception on June 5th.

Fresh fish - in landlocked Calgary

DeepWater Farms has mastered the unique concept of using a closed loop vertical system, where fish waste is mineralized into nutrients used for the growth of vegetables. An operation that began in founder Paul Schumlich’s backyard has made its way into a 10,000-square foot aquaponics facility in Calgary. A semi-decoupled aquaponics system is used, meaning the water from the aquaculture portion does not interact with the hydroponics system. This allows for controlled changes in pH, temperature and nutrient levels in the water before it is delivered to the plants.

 The vegetables at DeepWater Farms are grown at a rate 3 times faster than conventional methods and use 95% less water due to the aquaponics system. Additionally, fish and plants can develop year-round since they are maintained under a controlled environment.
There is strong support from Calgary's restaurant community as people are starting to recognize the importance of sustainable food choices - not to mention having fresh green and fish that have not traveled any further  than across the city.  Shumlich hopes to increase food security within the local community by providing “fresher and better plants year-round in a timelier manner.”

Register at http://bit.ly/2vGABSk if you haven’t done so already and want to experience an evening of local, environmentally sustainable eats at TasteTECH. The chefs at the TasteMarket by SAIT will be preparing salads using DeepWater Farms’ baby kale, mizuna and arugula straight from their aquaponics facility!

DeepWater Farms closes the loop on aquaponics

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