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Cricket pasta anyone?

Anita Truong is a Master of Biomedical Technology graduate at the University of Calgary. She is currently an intern with Genome Alberta for the summer and one of her assignments is to profile some of the participants involved in our #TasteTECH event .

Cricket powder blueberry muffins, spicy cricket fritters and cricket hummus…yes you read that right!.At Entomo Farms, they revolutionized sustainable foods by producing cricket powder, “the planet’s most sustainable super-food.”

Entomo Farms started when 3 brothers, Darren, Ryan and Jarrod Goldin recognized how food choices affect muscular health. With inspiration from a newly published white paper expressing the growing need for edible insects, they decided to bring their experience in the fish and reptile trade industry to the food industry by producing cricket powder.

With 3 simple steps of rinsing, roasting and grinding, whole crickets are turned into powder form and contain a variety of nutrients. The insect powder contains 65% protein by volume, with the remaining 35% made up of calcium, 9 essential amino acids, B12, fiber and omega 3 and omega 6. This high nutrient package has the added benefit of being low in calories and fat content. This serves as a healthy alternative to other sources of protein such as beef.

Unlike beef production, Entomo Farms’ cricket production has a lower carbon footprint and is more environmentally sustainable. The feed efficiency of crickets is 7 times better than beef ,and the crickets contain 6 times as much protein. Crickets in general do not produce a lot of waste, but the small amount is packaged and sold as fertilizers used for soil regeneration and livestock feed. Additionally, the crickets require less water and land compared to cows, making them easier to raise and maintain. According to Entomo Farms, a family of 4 eating insect protein 1 day a week for 1 year saves the earth 650,000 liters of fresh water a year!

Entomo Farms will be giving out 3 prize packs for individuals attending our TasteTECH reception which we hope will raise more awareness of sustainable, biotech-inspired products. Stop by the Entomo Farms booth and leave your business card for a chance to be entered into the draw! Register at http://bit.ly/2vGABSk.

Cricket pasta anyone?

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