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Genome Alberta Project Managers

An "omics" approach to characterization of the microactome and identification of new therapeutic targets for the prevention of liver abscesses and bovine respiratory disease in feedlot cattle
Vanessa Carias 
Application of Genomics to Improve Disease Resilience and Sustainability in Pork Production
Irene Wenger
(780) 492-7672
BioNet Alberta
Eric Merzetti
Childhood Asthma and the Microbiome - Precision Health for Life: The Canadian Health Infant Longitudinal Development (CHILD) Study
Diana Lefebvre - McMaster University
Kate Del Bel - University of British Columbia
Development of genomic crossbred estimate breeding values (GCEBV) to maximize profitability for Canadian pork producers
Kelly Elkow
Device for the rapid detection of seven common bloodstream infections and assessment of antibiotic susceptibility
Troy Feener - University of Calgary
Gareth Lewis - Calgary Laboratory Services
GENICE: Microbial genomics for oil spill preparedness in Canada's Arctic marine environment
Rhonda Clark 
Increasing feed efficiency and reducing methane emissions through genomics: a new promising goal for the Canadian dairy industry
Mary De Pauw
(780) 248-1901
Integrating genomic approaches to improve dairy cattle resilience: A comprehensive goal to enhance Canadian dairy industry sustainability
Nienke Van Staaveren - University of Guelph
Mary De Pauw - University of Alberta
(780) 248-1901
Managing microbial corrosion in Canadian offshore & onshore oil production operations
Nuno Fragoso 
The Metabolomics Innovation Centre
Jennifer Reid
Investigating infectiousness of pigs selected for multi-factorial resilience or increased resistance to PRRS
Vanessa Carias
Reducing the global burden of infectious diseases through precision population health
Troy Feener - University of Calgary
Gareth Lewis - Calgary Laboratory Services
Resilient Forests (RES-FOR): Climate, pests & policy - genomic applications
Stacy Bergheim
The Role of Genomics in Fostering and Supporting Arctic Biodiversity: Implications for Wildlife Management, Policy, and Indigenous Food Security
Emily Martson
Systems biology and molecular ecology of Chronic Wasting Disease
Danielle Gushue
TIGeR: Translational Implementation of Genomics for Rare diseases
Katherine Gratton
Validation and integration of genomics solutions for offshore oil exploration in Nova Scotia and beyond
Carey Ryan
Validation of molecular testing approaches to replace diagnostics thyroid nodule surgery
Vanessa Carias