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Putting Genomics to Work for a Better Alberta

Our focus is on applied research that directly benefits Alberta’s society and economy. This work leads to game-changing innovations in health, agriculture, forestry, energy, environment as well as economic impact.

As a not-for-profit research funding organization, we’re here to help initiate, fund and manage your genomics partnerships and research. Together, we’ll catalyze genomics solutions that benefit Albertans and the world. 


We add significant value to the provincial innovation ecosystem by:

Securing significant federal funds for Alberta-led research and increasing innovation support for our priorities.

Working collaboratively with innovation entities to drive technology development and implementation.

Ensuring scientific excellence is supported by social sciences research and addressing ethical, legal and environmental barriers.

Sectors in Action


>201 billion USD

is the projected size of the global precision diagnostics market size by 2030. We are making investments into Alberta’s researchers, clinicians and health system innovators to maximize these opportunities.

Agriculture and Agri-Food

$14.1 billion

was the value of Alberta’s agri-food exports in 2021. We are supporting Alberta’s producers with the technologies and innovation they need to continue to feed the world.

Environment & Energy

Over 60,000

wild species call Alberta home. We are learning more and more about them through environmental DNA technology to improve management and conservation efforts.


100 million

tree seedlings are planted in Alberta every year. We are helping ensure these next generation trees have the best set of genes to be successful in a future climate.

Technology Platforms

We’ve seen a

2 million-fold

reduction in costs of genome sequencing. In 2003, when the first human genome was sequenced, it cost $2.7 billion. It now costs <$1,000. The pace of this innovation is not slowing down and we expect to see continued reductions in cost.

Making Cutting-Edge Research Possible

Funding Opportunities

Learn more about challenge-driven opportunities where investments in genomics innovation will drive new research, development and applications across sectors.

Project Portfolio

Our project portfolio comprises diverse initiatives that leverage the power of genomics to address challenges in health, agriculture, environment and more.

A genomics pathway for Albertans, our health, economy and the environment

We’re a key contributor to the advancement of genomics innovation across Canada, through regional strengths in Alberta.


jobs created


innovations arising from Alberta-led projects

What's Current

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