Technology Platforms

Current Platforms - Genome Alberta

  • The Metabolomics Innovation Centre (TMIC)
    The TMIC is a nationally-funded core facility, located at the University of Alberta, that has a unique combination of infrastructure and personnel to perform a wide range of cutting-edge metabolomic studies for clinical trials research, biomedical studies, bioproducts studies, nutrient profiling and environmental testing.
  • Bioinformatics Platform
    Providing infrastructure and tools primarily for Genome Canada-funded projects as well as academic and industrial researchers in Canada. They offer over 1,000 software tools, dozens of major databanks and computing power dedicated to bioinformatics, including Canada's only TimeLogic Decypher database search engines, major data storage facilities and a Bioinformatics GRID solution, which allows users transparent access to the multitude of tools.

Current Platforms - Genome Centres

Completed Projects

  • Four Dimensional Modeling of Genetic Disease Patterns

Supported Projects - Complete