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  • Frosty Reception as PED Arrives in Alberta

    Deadly pig virus hits Alberta

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    Predictability Pays Off in Genomic Research

    If predictability sounds boring, read on...

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    Variation the Spice of Life for Genome Project

    If genomics is the recipe for success, variation is the spice

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    Feeding Behavior Gives Science Something to Chew On

    Feeding and fertility: What's the link?

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    Smaller Pigs a Weighty Issue for Industry

    Findings on small pigs worth the weight

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    Big Data a Big Deal for Genome Research

    What's the big deal about big data? Glad you asked...

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    Student Genome Research in a Class by Itself

    If you thought your class project was impressive, check out this one

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    Immunity Research Could Mean a Healthier Bottom Line

    What do immune systems and elevators have in common?

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