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Updating our Sector Strategies

In 2013 Canada's Genome Centres collaborated to produce a series of sector strategies focused on the future of genomics as the foundation for Canada's emerging bio-economy.
Genomics is equipping agriculture, forestry, fisheries & aquaculture, energy, mining, and health with cutting-edge science and technology. It made sense for Genome Canada and the six regional centres to develop a strategic approach to drive growth, productivity, commercialization, and global competitiveness in the key Canadian sectors of agriculture, fisheries & aquaculture, forestry, and energy & mining.
That was in 2013.
Biotechnology has advanced in many areas since then and we recently completed workshops and consultations to update the sector strategies.
Led by Genome Alberta and in partnership with PTAC (Petroleum Technology Alliance of Canada), the Canadian Genomics Enterprise brought together stakeholders from industry, academia, regulators, and government to set priorities for the role of genomics, microbiology, and the life sciences in Canada's energy and mining sectors. Along with Genome Quebec we also helped in the Genome BC - led efforts to bring together stakeholders from the forestry sector to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing that industry. Our colleagues at Genome Prairie travelled north to Yellowknife and held a session to outline priorities in wildlife management.
These discussions will help us and potential applicants and funders apply for the 2020 Large-Scale Applied Research Project Competition: Genomic Solutions for Natural Resources and the Environment.

We are pleased to share these sector updates with you:

Updating our Sector Strategies

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