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International Microbiome Centre Tour - Part 5

This is the final part of our tour of the International Microbiome Centre's germ-free facility where you'll exit, but oddly it is also the area where material and supplies come in. Confused? Don't be.
The whole facility is U-shaped and traffic flows in one direction from the most sterile to here - the least sterile part. It is a Level 2 area where pathogens come into the facility to be used in experiments and where things such as your sterile garments are put through an autoclave to be decontaminated before leaving the experimentation areas. It is also the way into the non-sterile area where washing and cleaning of incoming supplies and equipment takes places before going into an autoclave to be used inside the sterile areas. Look on it as the 'loading dock' for science experiments.
Use the pointing device on your computer or tablet to look around the rooms as the director of the centre, Dr. Kathy McCoy explains the processing and de-processing procedures.

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International Microbiome Centre Tour - Part 5

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