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Harness the power of synthetic biology

SynBio conference bannerSynthetic biology is an emerging branch of genomics which turns some of our old ideas around. Instead of reading and sequencing DNA, researchers are writing DNA. This approach and the new tools allow for the building of simple organisms or “biological apps” to make manufacturing more green, energy production more sustainable, agriculture more robust, and medicine more powerful and precise.
Ontario Genomics is leading a special effort to put synthetic biology to work and you can learn more about what it can do on the organization's website.
you can join Ontario Genomics, Genome Alberta, and other members of the Canadian Genomics Enterprise at the MaRS Centre in Toronto.
The Engineering Biology for Solutions in Health, Food and the Environment Conference is open to everyone on March 6th, followed by a special invitation-only session the next day.
Speakers for the open session include Canada's Chief Science Advisor Dr, Mona Nemer, Dr. Bill Peck from Twist Bioscience, and speakers from Alberta including Hans-Joachim Wieden, David Lloyd, and David Bressler.
Sessions will examine how we can reduce our carbon footprint using synthetic biology and the role of synthetic biology in food production, there will be an investor panel, and some lightning talks from synbio start-ups.

Download the latest conference program and visit the conference website for more details and to register.
We hope to see you there.

Harness the power of synthetic biology

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