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    Epigenetics in single-celled organisms opens new understanding of evolution

    Researchers surprised to find epigenetics is ancient evolutionary tool, in single-cell organisms too

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    New study: preventing leukemia at the epigenetic level

    Dysregulated proteins may be treatable at the epigenetics level to prevent the onset of leukemia

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    Fear etched in epigenetics: Phobias, PTSD can be inherited

    Studies show PTSD and phobias can be inherited courtesy of epigenetics

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    Epigenetics means your fate is not sealed in your DNA

    Control your epigenetics, control your health destiny

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    Bioinformatics and genomics to save lives as antibiotics fail

    Soon, antibiotics will no longer work. People will die. Or, they would if it were not for bioinformatics and genomics saving the day.

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    How bioinformatics and genomics shape personalized medicine

    The life depending on the success of genomics, bioinformatics, and personalized medicine may very well be your own.

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