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    Bioinformatics and genomics to save lives as antibiotics fail

    Soon, antibiotics will no longer work. People will die. Or, they would if it were not for bioinformatics and genomics saving the day.

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    How bioinformatics and genomics shape personalized medicine

    The life depending on the success of genomics, bioinformatics, and personalized medicine may very well be your own.

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    Blazing a trail in ‘internally connected’ forests

    We want to learn how bugs, drought, chemistry, and genomics affects our forests

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    GMOs restore lost carbon sinks in natural forests

    “Until recently, Canadian forests were a [carbon] sink, according to the Canadian Forest Service,” reports the David Suzuki Foundation. Now those forests are emitting more carbon than they're taking out of the atmosphere. Here is how genomics can help convert them back to carbon sinks again.

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