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    Genome Research Heats Up to Combat Global Warming

    Cows burps important to global warming?

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    Livestock Methane Emissions Spark Political Stink

    You can't legislate cows to stop burping, but you can curb methane emissions with cutting edge genomic technology.

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    Cattle Genome Research Leads the Way with DNA

    For many people, their first brush with DNA was Jurassic Park. Today, areas of life untouched by genetics are rarer than a dinosaur petting zoo. A perfect example is the Genome Alberta project to develop more accurate genomically-enhanced breeding values for traits critical to the commercial cattle industry.

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    Burps and Bovines: Dairy Genomics Project Cuts Feed Costs, Emissions

    New technology can cut methane emissions from dairy cattle.

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    Live Long and Prosper: Genome Project Targets Swine Disease Resilience

    Introducing our new livestock blog contributor Geoff Geddes who will be writing about our latest livestock research projects.

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