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Current Issue

May 16, 2016
Volume 26 Issue 4

  • Canada's top student scientist recognized
  • New summer student at Genome Alberta
  • Science Communications Program on the move
  • Synthetic solutions for real-life mysteries
  • Stem cells from diabetic patients coaxed to become insulin-secreting cells
  • New way to grow rare life-saving blood stem cells
 ...and more news, tweets & events!

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The Genomics in Society Digest
A compendium of news and research from around the country and around the world

Genomics in Society: Genomics and its related Ethical, Economic, Environmental, Legal and Social aspects.

Current Issue

May 17, 2016

In this issue:

  • When we hype our science, discoveries are diminished
  • Bringing genetic testing for cancer to the masses
  • Researchers assess attitudes to North Sea energy future
  • Innovative companies get their best ideas from academic research
  • GMO feed causing the latest divide in the labeling debate
  • Gene therapy’s first out-and-out cure is here

And much more!