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Current Issue

July 18, 2016
Volume 27 Issue 2

  • New project mixes genomics and geology to de-risk Nova Scotia’s offshore
  • Tim Caulfield is one of Alberta’s 50 Most Influential
  • Canadian researcher helps to find a new way to increase supply of stem cells for cancer patients
  • Genome Canada staff announcement
  • Severance payments totaled $12M at Alberta post-secondary institutions in 2015
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The Genomics in Society Digest
A compendium of news and research from around the country and around the world

Genomics in Society: Genomics and its related Ethical, Economic, Environmental, Legal and Social aspects.

Current Issue

July 15, 2016

In this issue:

  • GEN survey on Brexit and biotech
  • ‘Silicon Valley arrogance’?
  • Why you should avoid predatory journals, welcome rigorous review
  • The unbearably slow adoption of genetic cancer tests
  • Medicine’s next step
  • Vandana Shiva dishes on GMOs for Indian Summer Festival

And much more!