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August 12, 2014
The Genomics of Profitability: Implications for Quality, Feed, Forage & Sustainability
The theme for this year's Livestock Gentec conference is "The Genomics of Profitability".  Current research in livestock genetics/genomics and new technology applications in the livestock sector...
August 17, 2014
10th World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production
This congress is the premier conference for researchers and professionals involved in genetic improvement of livestock.  Delegates from around the world gather every four years to attend the...
August 17, 2014
17th World Congress of Food Science and Technology and Expo
During the week of congress, participants will join together to learn about advances in food science and technology, gain insights into key industry drivers such as food safety, regulatory, consumer,...
August 28, 2014
Science Advice to Governments
Internationally, there is a growing recognition in many jurisdictions for better management of the relationship between the scientific and policy-making communities, and between the scientific...
September 4, 2014
Why We Can't Wait: Conference to Eliminate Health Disparities in Genomic Medicine
The focus on this year's conference will be on policy issues related to genomics and health disparities.  The research, clinical, and policy approaches to genomics and health disparities are...
September 7, 2014
The International School on Research Impact Assessment
Building on the success of Barcelona 2013, The International School of Research Impact Assessment is pleased to announce the second annual conference to take place in Banff, Alberta.  
September 10, 2014
A Session with CIHR (Institute of Genetics) Scientific Director Dr. Paul Lasko
Dr. Paul Lasko, Scientific Director at CIHR (Institute of Genetics), will discuss his efforts with the International Rare Diseases Research Consortium.  He will also present his own lab's...
September 23, 2014
The Future of Canada's Bioscience and Agricultural Innovation: A Dialogue
This event, hosted by VALGEN, will bring together industry, government, and academic leaders to discuss science and innovation policy in the Canadian and global context, with a particular emphasis on...
September 25, 2014
Genome Alberta Board Meeting
October 5, 2014
Agricultural Biotechnology International Conference 2014
Agricultural Biotechnology International Conference (ABIC) provides a forum for discussion and analysis of several themes and issues that are familiar to everyone involved in biosciences.  Each...
October 6, 2014
ADVAMED 2014 The MedTech Conference
ADVAMED 2014 is the leading MedTech Conference in North America, bringing more than 1,000 companies together in a uniquely multifaceted environment for business development, capital formation,...
November 24, 2014
The Power and the Promise Genomics and the Environment
Save the date for this informational and important conference that will gather leading genomics experts to discuss Genomics and the Environment.  Through keynote speakers, panel discussions,...
December 15, 2014
Genome Alberta Board Meeting