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September 7, 2015
Agricultural Bioscience International Conference 2015

The theme for ABIC 2015 is “New thinking, new discoveries and new applications”. In addition to building on past accomplishments to create a strong and sustainable industry, the program

September 9, 2015
2nd Cell & Gene Therapy Conference
The 2nd Cell & Gene Therapy Conference will take place September 9-10, 2015 in Philadelphia, PA. The conference will bring together an exciting balance of industry and...
September 10, 2015
Analytics for Biologics Conference
The Analytics for Biologics Conference will take place on September 10-11, 2015 in Philadelphia, PA. Experts from government agencies and big pharma will introduce the approaches that are...
September 11, 2015
The Art of Leadership Conference - Calgary

Join BioAlberta at Canada’s leading leadership event – September 11th, 2015.

The Art of Leadership conference brings world-renowned leaders and bestselling authors for a full day of

September 27, 2015
HUPO 2015

The 14th Human Proteome Organization World Congress (HUPO 2015) will be held September 27 – 30, 2015 at the Vancouver Convention Centre, East Building in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

September 28, 2015
Sherbrooke International Life Sciences Summit

Organized by Sherbrooke Innopole, in partnership with Rx&D and MEDEC, this event will bring together participants from the pharmaceutical and medical technologies industries – large and

October 4, 2015
The Canadian Ecotoxicity Workshop (CEW)
The Canadian Ecotoxicity Workshop (CEW), formerly known as the Aquatic Toxicity Workshop (ATW), is Canada’s major annual meeting in the field of ecological toxicology and related disciplines....
October 13, 2015
Innovator Speaker Series: STEM Talks

On Tuesday, October 13, 2015, in honor of Ada Lovelace Day, Science World British Columbia will celebrate women working in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics by holding an innovator

October 20, 2015
Big Data 2015

Big Data 2015 will take place in Sydney, Australia on October 20-21, 2015. Leaders in healthcare working to harness the power of big data will share their experiences over two-day program which for

October 20, 2015
2015 Don Rix Distinguished Keynote Address. Genomics: The Integral Tool of Today's Forensic Science
Genome BC is pleased to present Dr. Bruce Budowle as the 6th Annual Don Rix Distinguished Keynote speaker on Tuesday, October 20th at the Vancouver Convention Centre. Dr. Budowle is a renowned...
October 26, 2015
The 3rd Annual International Conference on Advances in Veterinary Science Research (VETSCI) will take place in Bangkok, Thailand on October 26-27, 2015. The conference aims to explore the latest...
November 3, 2015
The Forum on Canada's Agri-Food Future

The Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute (CAPI), in partnership with Canada 2020, invites participants to a much-needed dialogue on Canada's agri-food future in Ottawa on November 3-4, 2015. At

November 6, 2015
Epigenomics of Common Diseases
The 5th Wellcome Trust Epigenomics of Common Diseases conference will bring together leading scientists from the fields of epigenomics, genetics and bioinformatics to discuss the latest developments...
November 8, 2015
2015 Canadian Cancer Research Conference

The Canadian Cancer Research Alliance is pleased to announce that the next Canadian Cancer Research Conference will be held from November 8-10, 2015 at the Hôtel Bonaventure Montréal.


November 22, 2015
2015 BCN - AI Bio Conference
Genome Alberta is a sponsor of the 2015 BCN - AI Bio Conference, Bioindustrial Innovations: Unlocking Value and Tackling Climate Change. The event will be held on November 22-25, 2015, at...
December 7, 2015
Hellish Decisions in Healthcare 2015
Hellish Decisions in Healthcare 2015 will take place on 7-9 December 2015 in Oxford, UK, exploring outstanding problems in health services. Although tremendous progress has been made over the...
January 24, 2016
Personalized Medicine World Conference (PMWC) 2016

The Personalized Medicine World Conference (PMWC) will take place January 24-27, 2016 in Silicon Valley. PMWC is an independent and established conference that attracts recognized authorities and

August 20, 2016
21st International Mass Spectrometry Conference
The 21st International Mass Spectrometry Conference (IMSC 2016) will be held in Toronto in 2016. IMSC 2016 will be hosted by the Canadian Society for Mass Spectrometry and the Canadian scientific