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March 29, 2010 12:30 PM
Video Introduction to Genomics
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It isn't always easy to explain genetics and genomics to a non-scientist ( like me ) and Genetics for Dummies is a good start,  but a particularly exciting read. I remember when I was working at Olds Agricultural College trying to learn about simple and recessive genes in the horse world and still have the occasional scary moment trying to remember the science behind breeding a cremello coloured (cream genes with a red or chestnut to produce cremello) horse.

However with powerful new graphics, animation, and video tools available plus the incredible sharing potential of the web, that learning process can become a lot easier.
For example, Exploring the gene scene is run by Genome British Columbia, one of the other members of the Genome Canada 'family. As the site itself points out "genetics and genomics can be fascinating but has a reputation for being difficult and/or boring. Plus, the field is always changing."  I think they have found some good ways around that.

The site has put together some nice tools for activities, a glossary, and education resources broken down by grades.  
What are really great though, are 5 new presentations uploaded in the last week or so.
I have  embedded them all on this blog posting so you can watch them in sequence easily, and as with all embeded videos you can click on a video to go to the YouTube channel for genomicseducation where there are other presentations worth checking out.
I still shudder remembering my horse colour genetic chart but tools like this would have made life a lot easier.
Enjoy the series.

 What is genomics ? Chapter 1

What is genomics ? Chapter 2

What is genomics? Chapter 3

What is genomics? Chapter 4

What is genomics? Chapter 5



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