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August 1, 2008 12:30 PM
What is Biopunk?
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Science and culture seem to be as intertwined as the double helix of DNA.  Questions such as “what is human” and other ethical questions arise and are reflected both in the mainstream and in film, books, and games.

This is my first Blog and I have the honor of being invited to test my hand highlighting Biopunk in Pop Culture as subgenre of Science fiction and Cyberpunk. I haven't written in years so I'm trying to get my mojo back and learning about both writing and biopunk in the process. I'm by no means an expert in the subject and hope to connect with the both layperson and more informed citizens out there. The aim is to reach forth and beckon those who have an interest in the genre for the joy of it, in addition to discussions and comments. As I learn more about the blogging process, I'll strive to make this as fun and as interactive as possible and post interesting videos, pics and links. To start, I'll outline a brief definition then add some links to some sites. As I learn about Biopunk, I'll add my ideas in the following weeks.

In Biopunk, instead of technology enhancing the human body, enhancement is achieved through Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology. Its usually based in a near future, dystopic society in which subversive and corrupt organizations or government use biology to 'better' human society. As a result there are rebellious underground punks who excel in hacking the genetic code in order to bring the genetics to the people. Any Genetic manipulation in order to advance humans, usually beyond what is currently called human is fair game. As a result, Biopunk presents some social and philisophical discourse in what it means to be human.   

There are several wonderful sites out there such as and  Cyberpunk Review that have Biopunk Content.  Facebook has a Biopunk group and welcomes new members so feel free to sign up and add your comments.
I'm scouring the internet for some common (and not so common) Biopunk themes. Although a lot of Cyberpunk media involve Biopunk, I thought I'd start by gathering up some interesting links for you, then in later Blogs expand on these. Here are some examples mainly Biopunk content:

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Articles on Biopunk, the Biopunk Movement and Culture:

YouTube Videos and Music: