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March 21, 2016 12:57 PM
LISTEN: Chris McCabe and Francois Rousseau hope to accelerate research results into health care applications

Integrating the results from genomics research into the health care system offer a lot of hope but it isn't an easy task. Healthcare system already facing budget constraints need to see the cost benefits over the long term and find the short term money to introduce new technologies. Sometimes it isn't just about saving money and instead comes down structural, institutional, legal, and ethical considerations.
Last week Kirsty Duncan, Canada's Minister of Science announced funding to help get past the challenges and to deliver on the potential of health care technology.

Audio podcast on genomics technologyThe new network in genomics and personalized health is led by Chris McCabe from the University of Alberta and Francois Rousseau from Université Laval. 
The project will draw on the results and efforts from 17 projects funded in 2012 by the Large Scale Research Competition on Genomics and Personalized Health. Each of those projects was focused on genomics research to improve health care and the new McCabe-Rousseau project will pull together those results and teams and identify ways to take it out of the lab and into everyday health care.
Freelance broadcaster Don Hill talked to Dr. McCabe and Dr. Rousseau and prepared this podcast for us.