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June 20, 2012 7:00 PM
Alberta Company Helps Diabetics Put Their Best Food Forward
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Orpyx Medical Technologies of Calgary was founded by a group of physicians who wanted to help diabetics avoid health complications caused by peripheral neuropathy. No I hadn't heard of it either,  but many diabetics are keenly aware of the conditions that could result in serious problems with their feet, and in some cases, amputation.
The solution Orpyx has come up with is a feedback sensor embedded in the patient's insole. Dr. Breanne Everett is President and CEO of Orpyx and she showed me a sample of the prototype - a very simple insole with a tiny little circuit board attached to it.
Dr. Everett came up to our Genome Alberta location at BIO2012 and we talked about the health problems and the solution she and her team are working on.
Click for the audio interview and scroll down to see an introductory video from Orpyx.
You can also follow them on Twitter as @orpyxinc