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June 20, 2012 10:30 AM
Alberta, BIO, Biotech and Business
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Ryan Radke, right, of BioAlbertaBioAlberta
 recently took a snapshot of Alberta's of the life sciences industry in the province. After a sluggish few years that mirrored the global economy the survey indicated that Alberta companies are generally a lot more optimistic about the future.
Of the health biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies that responded 14.8%have their lead product on the market, 25.9% are currently in Phase 1 through 3 of clinical trials and 33.3% have their lead product in the R & D phase. Half of the agricultural biotechnology, natural health, or nutraceutical companies have a product already on the market.  Not bad numbers,  though finding new sources of capital is still a problem for many Alberta companies.
There are about a dozen Alberta companies attending BIO Boston along with BioAlberta, some government officials, and of course the Deputy Premier and the new Minister of Enterprise and Advanced Education.
The Alberta delegation has been busy this week but the folks at BioAlberta have been a big help in getting guest to my location overlooking the trade show floor and I also managed to talk to them about the state of Alberta's biotechnology and life sciences industry.
You can listen to yesterday's conversation with Ryan Radke, President of BioAlberta, and today's chat with Rick Smith, chair of the BioAlberta Board of Directors.