Project Managers

Project Management Team

Application of Genomics to Improve Swine Health and Welfare (POR)

Jagjit Ludu
University of Alberta
(780) 492-8429

Hydrocarbon Metagenomics (HMP)

Sean Caffrey
University of Calgary
(403) 969-8058

The Metabolics Innovation Centre (MIC)

Tamara Lim
University of Alberta
(780) 248-1205

Synthetic Biosystems for the Production of High-Value Plant Metabolites (SBP)

Michael O'Connell
University of Calgary
(403) 210-5317

Tria 2 Project (Current), Tria 1 Project, Mountain Pine Beetle (MPB)

Matthew Bryman
University of Alberta
(780) 492-1990

Whole Genome Selection through Genome Wide Imputation in Beef Cattle (BOV)

Mary De Pauw
University of Alberta
(780) 248-1901