About Us

In partnership with Genome Canada,  Industry Canada, and the Province of Alberta, Genome Alberta was established in 2005 to focus on genomics as one of the central components of the Life Sciences Initiative in Alberta, and to help position genomics as a core research effort.

We are a publicly funded not-for-profit corporation  that initiates, funds, and manages genomics research and partnerships.
Genome Alberta strives to be the leading source of information and administration related to genomics, proteomics, bioinformatics and bioethics research in Alberta. We are dedicated to informing students, researchers, research organizations, our partners, and the public regarding opportunities and challenges in genomics and proteomics, and in encouraging the development of a Life Sciences research industry in Alberta.

Genome Alberta is based in Calgary, Alberta but leads projects at institutes around the province and participates in a variety of other projects based across the country. The discoveries and inventions arising from Genome Alberta research programs are developed in partnership with provincial educational and research institutions, private industry, government agencies and departments, and with regional, national and international research teams and organizations that will ultimately realize social, economic, environmental and medical benefits for all Albertans and Canadians.

As a relatively new entity, focused on genomics research and technological advances emerging in Alberta , and in conjunction with our local, regional, national and international partners, Genome Alberta has ambitious goals. Supported by the prosperity of Alberta's economy, the high education levels of our mathematics and science students, the national and international ranking of our universities, technical schools and medical centers, and the internationally acclaimed accomplishments of our researchers and scientists, Genome Alberta is confident that we will help position Life Sciences research as a driving force for Alberta's future.

Our Vision

Through strategic investments by Genome Alberta seeks to inspire and catalyze genomics solutions that benefit Albertans and the world.

Our Mission

Genome Alberta supports genomic solutions for end-user needs through:

  • Providing proactive leadership in strategic needs-identification and priority setting
  • Supporting excellent science and translational projects to maximize impact in sectors of strategic importance    
  • Fostering strategic provincial, national and international collaborations and partnerships
  • Communicate and build on what is being learned in genomic sciences, emerging applications, and technologies

Our Priorities, Platforms and Projects

Genome Canada was created in 2000 to build international leadership in genomics and proteomics research for Canada. Together with Industry Canada, they recognized the strong genomics research potential of our country, and therefore established five distinct Regional Genome Centres (Atlantic Canada, Quebec, Ontario, the Prairies and BC) to encourage the development of specific Life Sciences research platforms and projects to address and support the various regional priorities as part of the National Strategy.

With the formation of Genome Alberta with the responsibility for part of the geographic area formerly entrusted to Genome Prairie, we have worked with our partners to ensure continuity in management of the various projects and technology platforms. Importantly, Genome Alberta will focus its future efforts on the enhancement of four strategic priority areas.

Priority Areas

Agriculture/Forestry/Environment/Bioproducts: These are important and growing areas of Alberta 's BioEconomy where the applications of genomics technologies are expected to provide the foundation for improvements in quality, productivity, renewability and safety.

Biomedical/Health: Improvements in disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment and management will be of increasing importance to Albertans, and all will benefit through the applications of genomics science and technology.

Life Sciences Technologies: The core technology platforms of genomics, proteomics, bioinformatics and nanobiotechnology will provide the resources and instrumentation that will be central and necessary to advances in all the Life Sciences research and development programs.

Genomics Ethical, Economic, Environmental and Legal Studies (GE³LS): As the science of genomics advances and areas of potential application become increasingly apparent, it is essential that we also undertake studies of the impact of this work on our environment, our society and our economy, so that risks may be minimized and benefits enhanced in a sound regulatory climate that has the confidence and understanding of Albertans.